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Goodhue County 4-H Records

Each year we ask our 4-H Participants to complete records relating to their 4-H projects. This is your one stop shop to find all the documents and instructions you need to successfully complete your records!


1) Download the record documents that are applicable to you.  Each participant will fill out a "Participation Summary", they will then include attachments for each project area completed. 

***Cloverbuds - please only complete the Cloverbud Record!***

2) The attachment options include: 

  • General (Static) Project Record for Grades 3-5
  • General (Static) Project Record for Grades 6+ 
  • Production Livestock Record - this includes Beef, Dairy, Goat, Sheep and Swine Projects
  • Companion Animal Record - this includes Cat, Dog and Pet projects
  • Horse Record
  • Poultry Record
  • Rabbit Record 

You will see that each is available in a typable Word document (with the exception of Production Livestock, your options for that record are Excel or PDF).  We ask that if your youth is able to type their records - they should do so.  If they are not able to type successfully yet, please have them hand write their record.  We fully expect each youth (including cloverbuds!) to complete their own records.  

The Excel spreadsheet version of the Production Livestock Record has formulas and cells that will autofill and calculate some numbers (such as average daily gain, Profit and Loss statement) based on the information that you input into the cells.  If you find that a calculation is incorrect - please contact 4-H staff and they will fix it. 

3) Submit your record to staff, or to your club leader.  Mail or Email is just fine.  

4) Those that complete a full record set (one complete record contains the participation summary AND the attachment), will be eligible for the State Event Scholarship that is offered each year to youth going to State Fair.  


If you have any questions - please contact 4-H staff!