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4-H Video Production

December 14, 2020 to January 4, 2021

10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Do you love making and sharing videos? This video production course is for you! Minnesota 4-H & FilmNorth are putting together a six week course for you to up your video production game! Invite your friends to be a part of this super fun program open to youth grades 8 and older!

Our instructor Travis from FilmNorth will have a blast teaching and learning with youth from around the state, taught by video experts with vast knowledge in the field. Not only will we get group learning experiences we will also break into small groups to learn more together! Video production is a growing career choice and learning how to tell a story through video is a fantastic skill to have in our technology age, no matter what field you are interested in going into!

Available to grades 8+, this program will start Monday, Feb. 1st and continue for six weeks. We will end our time together with a film festival to view your creations. If you want to get information about this program as it comes out, complete this form. Be sure to sign up quickly, as this exclusive program is only available to the first 15 who register. All youth who attend must also be enrolled in 4hOnline.

Register here:

Cost is $15 for access to the six week course - however we know that this may not be feasible for all families and we never want cost to be a reason that youth do not attend a program. Please contact Alicia Webb, Yellow Medicine County 4-H Local Extension Educator, at <> if this fee would need to be waived for your family.

Everyone has a story to tell … what’s yours?