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Vegetables for Everyone

Minnesotans who have never gardened or those who haven’t in a while are now growing vegetables for the fun, the health, and the economy. By growing your own, you will eat vegetables that taste better, and you will know where those veggies came from. Plus, it’s easy if you follow recommended gardening practices! Whatever your reason, grow a few veggies this growing season and start enjoying fresh produce harvested by you!

If you are new to gardening, here are some tips to get you started:

Most vegetables require full sun to grow well.  Full sun is 6+ hours per day, so full morning sun, and afternoon shade, or the reverse, will get your vegetables growing.  The more sun, the better production.

Healthy, fertile, well-drained soil is a must. Once you’ve selected that sunny patch, do a soil test, and make the recommended amendments.

Select vegetables that you like to eat and know how to prepare at first.  There are such a variety of disease resistant, fast growing vegetables available at our local garden center.  If you want to try your hand at starting seeds, make sure to start with fresh seed and follow the directions on the seed packet.

For more information about growing vegetables, join the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners-Douglas County at their Annual Spring Horticulture Education Day, Let’s Get Growing, on April 6 from 8:00-3:30 at Discovery Middle School.

John Stone, U of M Master Gardener will be presenting Vegetables for Everyone. This session is for those with little or no experience in growing vegetables.  Our discussion will focus on how to grow your own produce and the benefits of doing so.

If you have a passion for garlic, join Larry Cipolla, a life-long gardener and learner, published author, and Hennepin County Master Gardener, for Growing Garlic in Minnesota. Give your heart and cholesterol a treat. Grow and eat heart-healthy garlic! The focus of this interactive session is on the many different types of garlic varieties you can grow very easily in Minnesota, from zones 3 to 5. You will learn how to differentiate between the basic types; what they taste like; how and when to plant and maintain them throughout the growing season; when to harvest and which varieties will store for several months over the winter. Handouts included. Your questions will be answered throughout the session.

For more information and to register call 320-762-3890 or visit .  Until next time, happy gardening.