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Eddie Dummer Recognized as Outstanding Master Gardener Volunteer

University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners of Douglas County have selected Eddie Dummer as this year’s recipient of the Irene Seppanen Founder’s Award for Excellence in Horticulture Outreach and Education.  Eddie has volunteered with the Master Gardener Program since 2001 and has worked 1,623 volunteer hours since then.  Eddie serves on the Douglas County Extension Committee, and has chaired various committees within the Master Gardeners, including Let’s Get Growing Vendor/Food Chair, County Fair Chair, Membership Chair and Bus Tour Chair. He was selected for this award unanimously by his fellow volunteers, who love working alongside him:

  • “If it wasn’t for Eddie’s kindness, concern for others and passion for gardening, I don’t know if I would be an intern today. Eddie exemplifies what this award stands for.  Thank you, Eddie!” ~Sean Abernathy, Master Gardener Intern 2020
  • “Eddie served as Membership Chair for several years.  His warm welcome, knowledge and involvement in all the programs, have contributed greatly to attracting new members, and the continuing success of the Douglas County Master Gardener program.” ~Darby Bowen, Master Gardener since 2016.
  • “I can attest to Eddie’s pickle making!!! They were the best, and he shared them so generously with the Master Gardener workers at the fair. He was always available, always smiling, and always laughing when we worked at the booth at the fair.  It is a treat to work with him!” ~ Daisy Stahlberg, Master Gardener since 2009
  • “It was so much fun to work with Eddie at registration day for the fair.  He always made the best ham sandwiches for the crew and was very appreciative of anyone that volunteered to help.” ~ Carol Meyer, Master Gardener since 2003
  • “Managing vendors and food for attendees for our annual horticulture event is not an easy task, but Eddie has done it efficiently for many years. Thanks Eddie. Are you ready to gear up for 2021?” ~ Diane Henry, Master Gardener since 1999.
  • “How to describe Eddie?  It would be with the question you heard him say many times.  "What can I do?"   He is a person who is concerned, helpful, serious, a hard worker, and has a sense of humor.” ~ Sara Rensink, Master Gardener since 1995.

Eddie, we thank you for your hard work and ceaseless dedication to the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Program in Douglas County (and we are still waiting for those cookies that missed the bus when we went to the cranberry bog)!

Say thanks to Eddie the next time you see him, and if you’d like to become a Master Gardener volunteer, please contact Robin Trott at