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County Horticulture Educator in Douglas County

    Plants That Add Winter Interest
    White becomes a very tiresome color this time of year. Fortunately, there are interesting plants that can add color and texture to your winter landscape.
    Winter Sowing Perennials
    If you would like to try winter sowing this year, here are a few tips to get you started.
    Fragrant Flowers for Your Garden
    There are many plants I love to include in my garden, but those with no fragrance, although eye-pleasing, always disappoint me.
    Successful Seed Starting
    By starting seeds ahead of time, you get a jump-start on the season with earlier harvests/bloom time, greater variety of plants, and stronger/healthier seedlings.
    Holiday Gifts for the Gardener
    In honor of your gardening loved ones, here is a list of suggestions for those of you still pondering that age-old question, “what in the world am I going to give for the holidays?”
    Decorating for the Holidays
    Get creative this holiday season and use the non-timber forest products in your backyard or woodland to create a one-of a kind display.
    Why Does My Christmas Cactus Bloom at Thanksgiving?
    Many people may wonder why their Christmas cactus is blooming at Thanksgiving or even earlier. There are actually several popular holiday cacti: the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and less familiar Easter cactus.
    Return of the Pantry Invaders
    How do I get rid of grain moths? Let’s revisit suggestions for identifying and managing them in your kitchen.
    Winter Bird Feeding Basics
    Winter is a time for repose and reflection, and many gardeners take to bird feeding to fill their need for color, texture and interaction with their landscape. If you are an old hand at feeding our winter visitors, or a newbie, these tips from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will guide you in feeder/feed placement and selection.
    Vegetables for Everyone
    ! Whatever your reason, grow a few veggies this growing season and start enjoying fresh produce harvested by you!

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