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County Horticulture Educator in Douglas County

    Return of the Pantry Invaders
    How do I get rid of grain moths? Let’s revisit suggestions for identifying and managing them in your kitchen.
    Winter Bird Feeding Basics
    Winter is a time for repose and reflection, and many gardeners take to bird feeding to fill their need for color, texture and interaction with their landscape. If you are an old hand at feeding our winter visitors, or a newbie, these tips from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will guide you in feeder/feed placement and selection.
    Dormant Seeding Your Lawn
    The fall chores are winding down, the last-minute scramble to finish outdoor projects are wrapping up, but there may be one more yard chore you can do before the snow covers our landscapes. Late October and early November are the perfect time to “dormant” or “frost” seed your lawn.
    Flooded Produce? Food Safety!
    The swings in temperature and humidity have stressed trees and shrubs, and too much rain has inundated plants and flooded many vegetable beds. If you are wondering if it’s safe to eat those water-logged vegetables, here are some things you should know.
    Who’s That Digging In My Yard: Skunks, Raccoons or Moles?
    I have been receiving numerous calls about lawns disturbed and destroyed by night time visitors. Below is a guide to lawn destruction and the furry critters that cause it.
    Become a Master Gardener
    Do You Speak Plants? Become a Master Gardener!
    Emerald Ash Borer Discovered in Stearns County
    There are three easy steps Minnesotans can take to keep EAB from spreading:
    Vegetables for Everyone
    ! Whatever your reason, grow a few veggies this growing season and start enjoying fresh produce harvested by you!
    Master Gardener Annual Recognition Awards
    The Master Gardeners of Douglas County are involved in many programs that impact the lives of those who live in our county and beyond: from Let’s Get Growing, our annual spring horticulture education day, to Tour of Gardens and the fall bus tour.
    To Prune or Not to Prune
    Is it time to prune? How should I prune? What should I prune? So many questions surround the task of landscape pruning. For many trees and shrubs late winter and early spring is the perfect time to prune them, but this isn’t the time for all species.

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