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Shooting Sports & Wildlife Project - Get involved this spring!

The Chisago County 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife Project explores firearm safety and the importance of conserving Minnesota's natural resources. Learn the safe use of air pistols, air rifles, .22 cal. rifles and archery. Wildlife education may include environmental awareness talks, a trip to forest resource centers, floods and natural disaster clean-up, or canoe trips to explore topography changes.

Learn about the Project and Registration options in our:

Shooting Sports 2020 Packet

Who can participate?

  • Wildlife (All ages)
  • BB gun (3rd grade & older)
  • Archery (3rd grade & older)
  • Air rifle and air pistol (4th grade & older)

You are ready to participate when…

  • Enrollment for 4-H is completed in 4Honline for each child participating
  • The registration form is completed in full for each child participating
  • The consent to handle firearms has been completed and signed for each child participating
  •  Fees have been included for each child participating (contact us for financial assistance) 

Other Shooting Sports Opportunities include:

• State 4-H Invitational – Tentatively September 11-12, 2020

• Wildlife Project Bowl

• Minnesota State Fair

FOR MORE DETAILS: Contact the 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator, Sarah Minicucci at or the Chisago County Extension Office at 651-277-0150 or