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Meet local Ambassador Elle

Being involved in 4-H for little over a decade, Elle has grown in 4-H from a Clover Bud to a 4-H Leader. Describing her experience, Elle responded, 

“The most rewarding experience of growing up in 4-H is getting to meet so many new friends and amazing new people. I've grown up with a lot of the kids I've met through 4-H.

While being a member of 4-H, 4-Her’s have the opportunity to participate in various events.  Elle mentioned, “my favorite 4-H event is the Minnesota State Fair because it is where I get to see all my friends and showcase the projects I have been working on all summer long.

4-H Builds True Skills

When parents first get their child involved in 4-H, they often wonder where this experience will take them or how their child will possibly learn from this organization. Elle explains what growing up in 4-H is like for involved youth:

4-H has brought me out of my shell more than I could have ever imagined. I am much more outgoing and confident than I was when I started 11 years ago. It has taught me how to set goals, meet them and how to stay humble.” 

Giving Back

With all the great programs and learning opportunities that 4-H has for the youth to grow and learn, there is one area that is stressed and taught to the youth at a young age, the importance of giving back to their community.

“4-H has taught me that there are always ways to give back to the community and others in need whether it is through volunteering, teaching, or just helping out in any way that I can.”

The County Ambassador program

To become an Ambassador, youth must be 9th grade or older and be willing to go out of their comfort zone to reach out to the community and become a positive youth mentor.  

“Watching other youth grow up and mentoring them is one of the most rewarding parts of being an ambassador.”

We congratulate Elle Penzenstadler for being an amazing Chisago County 4-H Ambassador.