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Enroll now for the 2019-20 4-H Year!

Enrollment for the new 4-H year opened on September 15, 2019 and Minnesota 4-H families are reminded and encouraged to go to 4HOnline to enroll/re-enroll both youth members and adult volunteers.

Detailed information about online enrollment and re-enrollment is available on the MN State 4-H website or follow the short instructions "4-H ENROLLMENT: How to Enroll".  Youth, their parents and adult volunteers, as part of enrolling or re-enrolling, will all be agreeing to the Minnesota 4-H code of conduct, which is available for review in it's entirety, along with other policy and authorization statements.


Download the 2019-20 Program Catalog to learn all about 4-H in Chisago County

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Why Join 4-H? We have detailed information for you on our Get Involved in 4-H flyer. If you have not already chosen a 4-H Club, see our complete listing of 4-H clubs in Chisago County on our Chisago County 4-H Map:

2019-20 Calendar of Events

Our calendar of events is online here: Calendar of Events
Printed version available at


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