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Build a project pod this year!

4-H remains committed to accomplishing our mission of building life skills, creating meaningful relationships and connecting with our communities. YOU can be a part of that solution by creating or joining a project pod this year.

What is a project pod?

Project pods are small groups of families (2-4) who meet (online, at home or in person) for a short period of time to dive into a topic of interest of their choice. 

How are they supported?

Youth mentors or volunteer leaders will work with each pod as needed with guidance from 4-H staff to support the learning experience. 4-H curriculum and activity guides will help provide instruction and learning activities that can be done at home or as a group..

VIEW A SAMPLE 4-H CURRICULUM - 4-H Art Around the World


How can I get involved?

Let us know of your interest by completing this form or by emailing Jeremy Freeman, 4-H Extension Educator at 

What topics can I explore?

  • Animals (Livestock, Pets, Horses etc.) 
  • Outdoor Adventures (hiking, nature walks, camping, winter activities, wildlife)
  • Entomology (bugs, frogs, butterflies)
  • Food & Nutrition (cooking, health living, preserving)
  • Global Connections (cultural awareness, intercultural travel, diversity)
  • STEM (Engineering, Video, Coding)
  • Photography
  • Communication & Arts (writing, theater, painting etc)
  • or more - See our project selection on the MN 4-H Project website.

Why build a Project Pod?

We know that COVID-19 guidelines create challenges for meeting together in large groups. A project pod is a great way to maintain our commitment to 4-H programming while aligning with the current environment.

What about 4-H Clubs?

4-H clubs remain a valuable and central part of our 4-H program.  Since not all 4-H club leaders feel comfortable about returning to in-person programming or are able to access meeting spaces used in year’s past, a project pod provides an alternative experience for members and families who need a place to belong, learn and thrive..