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Livestock judging team gains valuable experience at the state fair

Cass and Hubbard counties combined to form intermediate (gr. 6-8) and senior
(gr. 9+) livestock judging teams for the state contest this year. Both teams placed
10th overall in the contest and Dustin Converse placed 6th overall in swine
judging in the intermediate age division.

For the Hubbard County members, this was their very first livestock judging
contest. Our team members from both counties enjoyed the experience and the
opportunity to try something different in 4-H that they hadn't done before.

The content area of livestock judging provides youth with the skills to improve their
own livestock herds if they have them. More importantly, however, it incorporates
a number of important life skills that youth will exercise throughout life and in
whatever career path they may choose. Sound, well-informed decision making,
the ability to confidently and logically defend those decisions, detailed
observation, and interview skills are all practiced to precision in livestock judging.
It is also a commitment and the state contest is long, beginning around 7 AM and
ending around 3 PM.

I applaud them for their positive attitudes and work ethic, both in practice and at
the state contest itself. The awards banquet in the evening provided a much
needed, excellent meal and time to reflect on the successes of the day.

We can't wait to get back to more judging in the upcoming 4-H year! If you are
interested in joining us in livestock judging, please contact the Extension Office so
you can be included in livestock judging communications.



Nic Podoll, Cass County 4-H Program Coordinator