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Deadline extended for records & Secretary books

4-H record books

There is still time to get them in for credit for the 4-H year. All clubs are required to turn in a club secretary book and club treasurer financial information to the Extension Office by September 4th.

The last day to turn in record books for judging will be September 4th. Many of you have asked the question, "If I did not show this year, why do I have to do records?" Record books are not just a reflection of the county fair experience, but everything you have done throughout the 4-H program year. Record books are also like a memory book to have to look back on in the years to come. We encourage you to turn in your records to share with us your 4-H story!

Secretary books should be turned in by September 4th as well. The Secretary's Book is a reflection of your club's yearly activities. This shows us the activity in your club and is a reflection of club history.