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2020-2021 community club contacts

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Clubs are busy getting ready for the new 4-H year to begin.

Club organizational leaders for this year are:

  • Almond Highlanders: Holli Kellen-320- 325-5144
  • Beardsley Go Getters: Nita Holker - 320- 305-0782, Tina Syverson - 320- 905-1951
  • Clever Clovers: Cara Greger-320-808-4897, Paulette Jibben- 320-815-5573, Kristen Haggerty- 605-696-0442, Missy Mc Mahon-931-802-3210 
  • Eager Beavers: Jaime Conrad- 218-443-0886, Assistant Leader: Carrie Olson-320-287-1542 
  • Odessa Jolly Workers: Kerry Klepel-320-305-0927
  • Prime Cut: Tessa Rolfsmeier -320-305-4275

It is important as a club member /family that you attend as many meetings as possible to help the club grow and succeed. Lets make this a great year for club meeting attendance!