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Nitrogen Smart Workshops-March 27 & 28, 2019

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March 6, 2019                                    
Source:        Nathan Drewitz, Extension Educator-Crops
University of Minnesota Extension 
Stearns, Benton & Morrison Counties

Nitrogen Smart Workshops
By Nathan Drewitz, University of Minnesota Extension

FOLEY, Minn. (03/06/2019) — Nitrogen applications is usually one of the larger line items in crop production budgets throughout the year.  Since nitrogen is also the nutrient most often deficient for crops it is important that you apply the right amount to not inhibit yield. One of the big challenges with nitrogen is managing it properly to match the needs of the crop without over application.  Not only can over applications take a chunk out of profits but it also may have a negative impact on the environment.  With decreasing profit margins and increased awareness of environmental concerns the need to further educate ourselves on nitrogen management will benefit all growers.  This is where the Nitrogen Smart workshops can help.  

Nitrogen Smart is a training program for producers that present fundamentals for maximizing economic return on Nitrogen investments while minimizing Nitrogen losses.  The workshops are farmer focused and deliver high-quality, research based education on:

  • Sources of nitrogen for crops
  • How nitrogen is lost from soil and reducing those losses
  • How to manage nitrogen in drainage systems
  • What the new Nutrient Reduction Strategy and Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan mean for Minnesota producers
  • Practices to refine nitrogen management, including split applications, alternative nitrogen fertilizers, soil and tissue testing, and nitrogen models

The workshop is broken up into two different sessions.  The morning sessions are from 9am to noon and cover the fundamentals of nitrogen management.  The afternoon or advanced session is from 1pm to 4pm and covers manure management in the context of nitrogen.  The advanced session is available to returning participants that attend the morning session or are returning from a previous nitrogen smart workshop.  

No preregistration is required and the workshop is free to those attending.  This free workshop is thanks to the generous support from the Minnesota Corn Growers Association.  Attendees will receive the “Nitrogen Smart” designation which will be good for three years.  For more information and exact locations across the state visit:  For those of you in Stearns, Benton, and Morrison counties the following Nitrogen Smart workshops will be in our area:

Melrose, March 27th, Melrose City Center, Meeting Room B, 225 1st Street NE
Little Falls, March 28th, Cass Gilbert Depot, 200 1st Street NW