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4-H Animal ID's Due May 15 - ID Tags available in 4-H Office

All animals (All breeding beef, dairy, dog, dairy goats, meat goats, horse, lama, rabbit, sheep, swine, doves, pigeons and leased poultry) must be identified in 4HOnline  by the May 15 state ID deadline.  You must be "active" in your enrollment in order to access the 4-H Animal ID process on 4HOnline.

Stop by the 4-H office to get your animal ID tags.  Please send an email or call ahead to have the tags ready for you.  Taggers and pins are also available.  

Registered Livestock Breed Association papers MUST be uploaded and attached to Animal ID's.   

Schedule your veterinarian appointment today to ensure your animals have the necessary Rabies shots or Coggins tests by the May 15 deadline.  All animals must have the necessary shots or tests before they come on Beltrami County Fairgrounds property.

Additional 4-H Animal ID information for all species can be found on the state 4-H animal ID process and information page.

Please, contact Ann Marie Ward at 218-556-1436 with questions, and plan accordingly for all your ID and tagging needs.  Don't wait until the last minute.  We do not want you to miss an opportunity to participate in YOUR Beltrami County 4-H Fair.